Wednesday, December 26, 2007

And another fine yuletide has passed

Christmas suckage continues unabated. We visited my wife's parents. Her dad is so sick he can't get from one room to another on his own, and we doubt he will last much longer. Her mom is too weak to take care of him. Both are too stubborn (that's not the word I want to use) to see that by leaving things as they are, they are:
A. putting my wife's father in even graver (is that a word?) danger than he's already in, and
B. putting an incredible strain on the remainder of the family, who are juggling resources they don't have to attempt to accommodate a situation that allows no accommodation.

My birthday, you ask? Why thanks for asking. We spent it on the road, driving our way into the morass mentioned above.

Merry blah blah blah, peace on blah blah, goodwill to...oh, sod off. I can't even fake it.


Kagehiko said...

And here I feel obligated to force on you the tidings of the season - a wish for better circumstances and enduring happiness in the new year.

Yet that's too cliche in this instance; it's too readily expected and thusly ineffective. (Not that I don't want that for you and yours!)

So instead I will offer you a seemingly random clip, because I found it one or thrice interesting enough to genuinely induce less melancholy processes of thought.

Anonymous said...

Long time no hear. How are things in gaia?

Kagehiko said...

I wouldn't know, actually. Haven't logged on in some time now - but then, I always had a habit of disappearing.

Life otherwise is just cheeky, what with the post-holiday lull and New Year's anticipation. Not exactly sure what I'm going to be up to on the Eve. Perhaps I'll pop up on Gaia for a few...

And as for you - you're not doing too hot, or so I read. How are the knees treating you?

Anonymous said...

The their own thing, despite my best efforts.

Kagehiko said...

I'm sincerely sorry to hear so.

I'd ask you about the diagnosis, but I want to cheer you up, not remind you of your woes.

What songs are you listening to lately?

Anonymous said...

Got the new Bruce Springsteen for my birthday. Also listening to Feist, A Fine Frenzy, Arcade Fire, Joanna Newsom (I like female vocalists, huh?), KT Tunstall, some Lilly Allen (tho' I don't like the way the CD was mastered - too much compression...eliminates all the dynamics), Michael Hedges, Kaki King, and the ever-present (in my rotation, anyway) Warren Zevon.

You? I have an iTunes gift card. Give me something to shoot for. I like your vibe.