Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where's Fall Out Boy?

Friday morning I became Nuclear Man. I had radiation injected into my veins. I'm having the same thing done tomorrow at 6 am. Traumatizing, I know. Not the nuclear part; the part about 6 am.

I've been having some symptoms that scare my family physician a bit: shortness of breath, occasional chest pain, stuff like that. Plus I have nearly every risk factor in the book. I'm overweight, diabetic, with a horrible family history of heart disease. All I need to do is take up smoking and I run the table.

The doctor is kind of a character. He walked in, introduced himself, then said, "We both know how we're going to die, don't we? Heart attack or cancer." Turns out he's diabetic too. He did go on to say that we want to delay these options as long as possible. I like the guy.

So after Friday where I was stripped, poked, prodded, ultrasounded, placed on a treadmill, injected with radioactive material and scanned, I have to do the nuclear thing again in six hours.

Oh, and I had a good guitar lesson today.