Tuesday, October 09, 2007


My work requires me to set annual goals. Frequently I go through the motions, doing this because I have to. This year I'm pretty excited about a couple of my goals - what the corporate world calls "stretch goals," goals that take one out of one's comfort zone.

One of my job functions is to provide technical assistance for companies that do business with my company. I provide that support in English, and I trained the team that provides support in various other languages. Currently there is insufficient monitoring of the language support team. Therefore, one of my goals is to learn Spanish to the extent that I can monitor their support calls and emails in that language and, if necessary, provide backup support.

We have a very valuable member of our team who does web development, mainly using PHP. He is currently the only person on the team with his skill set. We've learned in the past that having only one person who can do something is a bad business model. Since I have a programming background (deeeeep background...) the powers that be have decided that I'm going to be his backup, so I'm also learning PHP and web development.

It's exciting and all, but learning two new languages simultaneously is a bitch.

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John said...

You know what they say--a person that knows several languages is called multi-lingual.
A person that knows two languages is called bi-lingual.
A person that knows only one language is called...an American!