Monday, May 21, 2007

augeries, with a small "a"

I don't particularly believe in soothsaying, which isn't to say I don't find it useful.* That doesn't mean I don't have my own little divinatory quirks. I place more import than I should on coincidental incidents in my life. (I really struggled on how to word that last sentence. I'm still not satisfied.)

Let me give an example. I've been pulling away from magic lately, debating whether to give it up. I'd sort of done so anyway, but not made a firm decision. Well, recently I accidentally left my color-changing knife in my pocket when I threw it in the laundry hamper. Oddly enough, Mogar color-changing knives are ruined if you run them through a washing machine.

What does the second paragraph have to do with the first? The color-changing knives is one of the (few) effects I do with any sort of panache. I m taking that as a sign that I really do need to give this whole mess up. I've already given away a number of my books, and now one of the few effects I do with even a modicum of skill is kaput. So, a sign. Augery by washing machine. I think I'll be finding a new hobby. Maybe I'll be good at the next one.


*Here is how soothsaying (astrology, palmistry, phrenology, even furtune cookies) can be useful: if the content of the message is sufficiently vague as to allow for interpretation, it allows you to gain insight into what and how you think. If you're not sure how you feel about a subject or a situation, consult the I-Ching. Read the results and interpret them how you will. Now you know a bit more about how you feel. Oh, and you don't have to throw coins or cast yarrow sticks or whatever. Just open your favorite version of the I-Ching to a random page, or have a random number generator (such as from give a number from 1 to 64 - although that leaves out the "changing hexagram." Oh well. Win some, lose some.


John said...

Wow! Giving up magic, eh?
I set it aside for a number of years before deciding to get serious about it. Even if it is a for real deal, I can't help but think that someday a coin will "magically" appear of vanish from your hands or someone will be amazed by a card trick. Magic has a way of hanging on to us even if we want to let it go.

Personally, I've considered giving up blogging. I've been writing less often and about less meaningful things as of late. Perhaps it's just a writing slump or maybe it was only a passing fancy.

Hope you find a new hobby.


Anonymous said...

Hey, never say never, eh?