Sunday, April 15, 2007

Over the hills and far away

My wife and I are going to visit her parents next weekend (21 April). Her father has lasted a lot longer than expected with his Acute Myelogeous Leukemia, but the treatments to get him this far have really taken it out of him.

Hard to know what to do.


John said...

Thinking of you in your weekend travels. I hope that the visit doesn't take to much of an emotional toll on you and your wife.

Anonymous said...

Her dad is having to get about three units of blood a week just to not lose too much ground.

It was taxing to visit, but it was better than not visiting.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I'm an ameuteur magician and happened to run across your blog and read about your father-in-law's AML.

I am no medical expert, but last year I work with BMS who were launching a drug called dasatinib which was proving particularly effective at helping patients with AML after existing treatments (e.g. Glivec) were failing.

You may want to look into it.