Thursday, August 20, 2009


So as I was saying...

I'm on some social network or other, I think it's MeetOtherNerdsLikeMe, and there's this guy, we'll call him Sven, who starts every day, and almost every post, by praising Jebus and thanking the Lord for the really beautiful day and all the wonderful nerds and such. So far all well and good.

The other day I posted that I had gone to see a movie: Pee Wee Herman 3 - Bubba Makes Me His Bitch. Well, Sven posts that he saw it online and asks why I'd be so naive as to pay to see it in a theater.

At this point I become confused. Not an uncommon state for me, but still...

You see, I know Pee Wee 3 is a brand new release, and I'm fairly sure that watching it for free constitutes theft. So that's part one of the confusion.

Part 2 is my ign'ant atheist self. I seem to recall a fairly important tenet of the Praise Jebus faith, something about the 11 Fairly Strong Suggestions, I think. I'm trying to remember the pertinent one.

Thou shalt not eat veal?
Thou shalt not ride a Big Wheel?
Thou shalt not squeal? (That sounds damn close...)
Thou shalt not listen to The Captain and Tennille? (OK, there should have been a 12th Fairly Strong Suggestion.)

In any event, must steal away to think of the next pithy post.


Two Notes For The Jebus Praisers Who Will Bring Up The Inevitable Objections:

1. Of course I know I'm not perfect. There are at least two misspellings in this post, I'm on 37 antipsychotic drugs, and I watch way too much court tv. (Except for Judge Judy. She's just mean.)

2. No, I'm not saying Sven is pure evil. I'm fairly sure he has not practiced animal husbandry or worshipped a false American Idol.


Kage said...

Not a common experience to celebrate, I know, but somehow it's reassuring to know that someone other than myself has come across that mild hypocrisy (and had the mind to point it out, albeit subtly).

I hope you've been well - in spite of the radioactive fluids, general discomfort, etc.

You've been in my thoughts.

P.S. How's guitar? From what I've read you're really on the learning curve.

Anonymous said...

Life is actually pretty sweet. My guitar teacher has turned into a friend who happens to teach guitar. The Great Nuclear Experiment found no issues (pretty good for an aging, overweight, diabetic slob such as myself), work is going well for both me and my wife, and my little brother, who was unemployed for a spell suddenly found that condition alleviated.

So yeah, all things considered, life is good. I'm planning on writing a song in tribute to Les Paul, inventor of the electric guitar (amongst many other things) who died recently. I'm finishing a couple of good books, and I'm not worshipping imaginary sky people.

How're things with you?