Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Video killed the radio star

My opinion matters!

My wife and I have, for the past week, been providing information regarding our radio listening habits via an Arbitron questionnaire. For those of you not familiar with Arbitron, it's the radio version of television's Nielsen ratings. It's used for bragging rights and to set ad rates for the quarter, among other things.

I noticed something that shouldn't surprise anyone: being "watched" changes my behavior. Normally, when I listen to the radio (mostly in my car) I'll flip through stations willy-nilly searching for something I want to hear. However, now that Big Brother is watching (and because I'm lazy but honest), I stay pretty much on my favorite station(s) or just listen to a CD.

I'm curious if Mr. 'tron takes that into account when compiling his ratings.


Side note: My company just went through a round of layoffs. I survived but many did not. There is relief mixed with stress and sorrow. Things are going to be in turmoil for a while.

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John said...

My kids shake their heads at their dad's listening habits. It's either classical music on NPR or classic rock on a local station, depending on my mood that day!

Glad that you're still working. 5 members of my church were laid off in the past couple of weeks. I agree, things are going to be in turmoil for a while.