Sunday, November 30, 2008

Can't buy me vocal lessons

OK, maybe I can. Point is, I may need 'em. My guitar teacher sent me an odd email this morning. He asked if I'd ever tried to sing "Can't Buy Me Love" by The Beatles. I replied that indeed I have sung along with that song, as I am a Beatles fan and enjoy that one. His reply? He's planning on recording it and wants to know if I want to do vocals.

Whoa...hold the train.

As you may have noticed in the link above, he has a tendency, when he says "record," to mean, "store digitally and upload to YouTube." (The piece he is playing, "Time Odyssey," is his original composition I saw him play live with a band - a rhythm guitarist, bassist and drummer. It is terrific.)

Now it's interesting enough that he wants my voice recorded for posterity. But video?! And he knows what I sound and look like. While neither is anything to write home about, of the two, my voice is definitely prettier than my looks. Let's just say I don't shop in the skinny side of the store, and it has been explained to me that due to my rather generous size, I don't have the same clothing options as most of the world.

So what's a body to do? I love to sing, but to be recorded? And maybe put out on YouTube? I won't even put my picture on any of my (numerous) blogs due to the ostracism I get from friend and foe for my looks.

So naturally I said yes.


John said...

Looking forward to your posting of the You-tube link!

Anonymous said...