Tuesday, March 25, 2008

...but can I handle it?

A friend has been having some "life issues" lately. He contacted me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go to a magic lecture on Saturday. I felt obliged to accept. We haven't seen each other for a bit and I'd like to see him, and I'd also like to provide some moral support if necessary.

It will, however, be the first time I have shown up in a gathering of magicians in a long time. The last couple of times I tried I left feeling vaguely...dirty, and, well, ashamed to be a magician. In fact, I gave up that moniker (if I had ever earned it) based on those meetings and feelings.

Wish me luck.


John said...

Hope that things go well. Who is giving the lecture?

Anonymous said...

Rick Maue, which means that David London will probably also be there.

I'll report.

John said...

Lots of good things have been written and said about his lectures. Have a great time and a good visit with your friend.