Sunday, November 12, 2006

With two cats in the yard...

Today was supposed to be a day of relaxation. We were going to see an exhibit of Egyptian artifacts. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the dead Egyptians would have to wait.

We received an email from our realtor asking if we could come up with a list of five houses to go see this coming Sunday (today). We slogged through the list of homes he sent and, after hours of head-scratching, discussion, viewing, re-viewing, tears and recriminations we narrowed the list to five.

We met Mr. Realtor at his office where he promptly told us our top choice had been taken off the market. Promising start.

The first home we saw was fair. It was nothing special. The second was a bit better, but not by much. The third was awful - cracks in the driveway and foundation, awful paint job, bad fixtures - just a mess. We were getting discouraged.

We were down to the last house on our list. It was...nearly perfect. Newly installed heat and air, new paint job, new tiling, new carpet, large living area and master bedroom, nice, small fenced yard. Two tiny flaws: the closets aren't quite as big as I'd want, and the driveway has some cracks. I can deal.

In about 90 minutes we're going over to the realtors to sign some paperwork and hand off some earnest money. It looks like I'm going to be a middle-aged first-time homeowner. o_O

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