Monday, November 14, 2005

It was bad, but at least nobody watched

The latest Penn & Teller special (Off the Deep End) looked, from my point of view, to be a carbon copy of everything they've been railing against for years.

And to think I used to respect them.

The good news? They tanked (no pun intended) in the ratings.


Kigali said...

Aw that sucks. But on a happier note, I'm learning how to juggle^^. My stand-in teacher for my dance class taught me how, along with some tricks I have yet to master. He told me learning how to juggle will help me become more balanced, and thats exactly what I want to do. It's like an addictive hobby, cause I try so hard to try to master it. I'm trying to go so fast, but I've realized I need to go back to the basics and work with only two balls. Fui<.<

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, learning with scarves (very light, very floaty scarves) is a good thing.

It's cool you're learning to juggle. And it can be addictive, in a good way. Look around for performances by Michael Moschen or Viktor Kee - you'll be stunned.

Kigali said...

Hmm...I'll look those names up sometime^^

Juggling with scarves? Interesting