Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I want magic to be more of a mainstream art. I don't want it to be a diversion, something "for the kiddies," a placeholder between the eating of the cake and the opening of the gifts. When people speak of great artists I'd like Cardini to be discussed along with Nureyev and Shakespeare and Monet and Enrico Caruso.

Then again, I'd love for horror fiction to not be considered "genre" fiction, and for good horror writers to be discussed as good writers, not as good "in their field". And when I played table tennis I longed for the day when people considered it a real sport and not just some genteel parlor recreation. I'd recite the facts about how a table tennis match provides the same aerobic exercise as a three mile race but you'd only get bored and it wouldn't change your mind anyway.

The point of all this? I'm not sure there is one, except that maybe I'm involved in so many fringe pursuits that I don't fit in anywhere. I'm a minority of one. This isn't always something to celebrate if one is looking for connections.


Kigali said...

Omiword, poor Felt>.>
And yes, I'm still alive and kickin XD, since I haven't seen you online in a while.
I think in order for your wish to happen, there needs to be a big paradigm shift amongst the masses in equating magic to mainstream art, which would be facilitated by a huge uprising of fantastic, breathtaking magicians who woo the country with awesome magic tricks. And then those magicians would have to promote the idea of magic being such art. Yes, something like that^_^.

Anonymous said...

Something like that. :-)

Anonymous said...

And although this art is so wonderful, still it is held in no honor... The reasons are various, it seems to me; first the art is concerned with useless matters; second, it is practiced by men of low degree.

-- Cardano, from De Subilitate, after seeing Francesco Soma perform card tricks, 16th Century